Renata (Frequent Defect) | Boiler Room: Streaming From Isolation with Ma3azef

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One part of Beirut's Frequent Defect, Renata takes over the controls for the next 1hr of Ma3azef's quarantine takeover.

Our ‘Streaming From Isolation’ series is fundraising for The Global FoodBanking Network - whose work providing emergency support to people locked in poverty is crucial at this time.

As part of the series, our long standing partner Ballantine's has committed a fund in the form of 20 grants to be distributed to community-driven collectives around the world. These grants will be given to each collective to distribute as they feel best to support under threat artists and those most in need within their immediate community. This support is critical over the coming months whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place and impacting many artists’ ability to do what they love and to make a living.

Weekly takeover days of Boiler Room’s channels will feature performances and sets programmed by these collectives from isolation. Broadcast to the world from artists’ homes and private spaces, these transmissions are a way to stay connected while apart.

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