Baby girl born at petrol station in safe hands at hospital

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Members of the National Ambulance Service assisted in the delivery of a baby girl at the Applegreen Service Station outside Naas, Co Kildare yesterday evening.

Her parents John Feane and Naomi Galvin were returning from a check-up at the Coombe Hospital in Dublin when baby Ellie decided to make her entrance into the world.

Ellie Feane arrived at the service station in Caragh on the way back to Coill Dubh.

Mr Feane said: "We got the all clear to go home, went home and on the way we got a flat tyre.

"I went and got the car fixed pretty quickly, came back and Naomi said 'you know what John, there's a few movements going on here'."

He pulled into the nearest service station because he felt it would be easier for the ambulance to spot them.

"It was go time by then, so we made the decision that we were going to have Ellie in the front of my car in Applegreen in Caragh!

"It was just a worst case scenario, it was spilling rain, it was freezing cold, myself and the paramedic got drowned.

"We were trying to keep Naomi as comfortable as we could until the cavalry arrived and thankfully they did," he said.

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