Sligo GAA club's 'Healthy Club' programme helping people during lockdown

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The stress and strain of life under lockdown is taking its toll on many of us.

Realising the pressure people were under, one GAA club in Co Sligo decided it was time to do something positive for its members and the reaction has been overwhelming.

Eastern Harps in Keash set up a "Healthy Club" programme called "Get up, Get Moving", with a whole range of activities and challenges to keep people active and healthy during Level 5 restrictions.

Organiser Eimear Henry said more than 160 people signed up.

They have been divided up into 13 teams competing for points for the different activities they do, be it running, cycling, walking or taking part in the likes of push-up or sit-up challenges.

There is no actual prize, instead this initiative is all about each person winning a better life under lockdown - a bit of fun and a boost for their physical and mental health.

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