Officials call for “extra steps” amid surges of COVID breakthrough cases

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On Monday, July 19th, as states have lifted off mask mandates, Americans were set to embrace the summer with full protection of COVID-19 vaccines. However, the powerful Delta variant is still circulating in the country, and the sharp increase in tourism with the absence of pandemic restriction is bringing cases back up.

But a more pressing issue is not about the total case rise, but about the increasing breakthrough infections from the Delta variant. Studies have shown that the Delta variant spreads approximately 225% faster than the original strain of the virus. Studies have also shown that once a person catches the delta variant, they likely become infectious sooner, and that the virus grows more rapidly inside a person’s respiratory tract.

Last weekend, the former US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said CDC’s decision to ease mask rules was “premature” as Delta variant spreads, just like his claim about masks when the US pandemic began.

Up until Monday, the US is listed as the fifth country with highest 7-day average cases in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.

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Stacey Harvey
Stacey Harvey
14 дней назад
97% of hospitalized are unvaccinated says CDC...Then why are other countries like England & Israel reporting 40% of covid cases are VACCINATED people? Pg 133 of “ The Truth About COVID-19” explains antibody-dependent immune enhancement. ADE is when a vaccine renders you MORE PRONE to severe disease/death if subsequently you are infected with the virus.
Hope the CDC is not taking a page out of the WHO playbook and spreading lies just to achieve their agenda :(