Love of skating keeps Russian granny in the groove

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A Russian granny who lives alone on the banks of a Siberian lake has garnered attention with her passion for skating, which began when she was a child, and has continued for more than seven decades.

Now in her 80th year, Lyubov Morekhodova takes to the ice on Lake Baikal every day, tightly tying skates roughly the same age as her to felt boots.

Her father, Nikolai Morekhodov, made the skates for her out of a saw and pieces of wood when she was a child.

Morekhodova's family lived beside the lake, and it was natural for the children to skate to school instead of wading through thick snow, she explains.

The woman, who worked in a heavy machinery plant all her life, now lives alone, and keeps a simple household with several cows.

The animals are another reason for Morekhodova to skate, as she needs to travel across the lake to track down her cattle.

Her name in Russian means 'love', and Morekhodova says love is one of the key things in her life.

"I love life, nature, and everything. I love people, in the first place," Morekhodova told Reuters, before gliding away on the brilliant surface of the Baikal.

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