Shanghai's Pudong to be a trailblazer of higher-level reform and opening-up

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China’s State Council released a guideline to support Pudong’s high-level reform and opening-up. The guideline stated the significant role Pudong and Shanghai play in the development of the whole country.

Waigaoqiao, China’s first bonded area and free trade zone, is always standing at the forefront of opening-up. Currently, the area takes the lead in testing new policies and launching more pilot projects.

As a test field for opening-up, the guideline states Lingang Special Area has carried out more intensive stress testing to achieve breakthroughs in a number of key areas. The relevant achievements will then be promoted across Pudong.

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wu mao hunter
wu mao hunter
4 дня назад
More of a slitEye than ShanghaiEye ..Hahaha
China News Update 中国即时新闻资讯
China News Update 中国即时新闻资讯
6 дней назад
Shanghai will probably replace Hong Kong and become the real "Pearl of the orient"
Lots of blessings and wishes from Hong Kong!
Wallace Katini
Wallace Katini
6 дней назад
Beautiful China Shanghai!