Канал «FIBA3x3»

Канал «FIBA3x3»

Смотрите новые видео на канале «FIBA3x3». Всего у блогера 385 000 подписчиков и 139 645 081 просмотров. Канал создан 29.06.2011, на него загружено 5 750 видео.

It's quick, it's epic and now it's Olympic.

3x3 basketball has millions of players worldwide and is considered the number one urban team sport in the world.

On June 9 2017, the International Olympic Committee (IOC)'s Executive Board announced its decision to include 3x3 as part of the Olympic Basketball program starting with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In cooperation with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), FIBA3x3 has evolved into an interactive online sports platform that connects a network of hundreds of organisers, thousands of events and millions of players.

The YouTube channel sits at the heart of the FIBA3x3 community and provides you with game highlights, live streams, the most amazing dunks, the best footage and much more.

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